Antique Clock Face Restoration

This is the type of clock that was made in the Netherlands circa 1850. The central image represents a coastal castle and includes two ornate swans in the water. In the arch, the recessed middle section includes a well-to-do home with guards flanking on the left and right sections. At the top of the arch is a run of houses and a sight we are very familiar with: windmills.

The clock face uses a heavy sheet metal with a substantial amount of copper, which is very a good paint surface. However, this surface has a few issues going on: heavy dirt particulates across the surface, and areas of paint loss, and areas of gilding loss.

We will carefully clean the clock face and in-paint and in-gild where losses have occurred. Stay tuned for more…

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  1. Have face with some chips. can send photo if you supply phone number. need price quote.

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