Madonna Copper Plate

This lovely Madonna oil on copper plate is an intimate object, measuring 9″ by 12 7/16.” There is an old and yellowing layer of varnish on top, and some of the paint film is no longer stable. There is also a fair amount of writing on the back of the plate, but unfortunately it has proven very difficult to read.

With careful cleaning we were able to brighten the color tones back to the original intensity, and this change really gives the painting the “Light” that is at the heart of the subject matter. Based on the sticker for Christie’s auction, we have tracked down where the auction took place, but as is the case with an older auction, the records are not as complete, and this particular lot is not listed. We had hoped this would lead us to the artist’s identity and potentially the age of the painting.

A new custom frame will be prepared and designed to accentuate the subject matter. Stay tuned for more…