Four Parchment Restorations

Lengthy storage with non-archival means left these works on parchment with stains and creases. Cleaning was delicately carried out with both wet and dry treatments, before rounds of chemistry baths de-acidified the parchments, neutralizing the acids as well as lifting the stains. Some in-paint and repairs of tears was necessary. New archival 8-ply mat in American Marin mahogany frames with UV-filtering glass rounded out the restoration.


Remember Dec. 7! Poster

This poster came in on a non-archival backing which transferred acid components to the paper. The paper also had a spray adhesive on it along with tears and dirt particulates across the surface.

After carefully removing it from its backing, select chemistry baths neutralized the acids. The tears were repaired and in-painted to conceal these areas. A new mat and UV-filtering glass were given with a Louis XVI style frame.