Two Takes on the Veneer Frame

Here’s an in-depth look at two of our custom frames designed fo Dutch oil paintings. Both are done in the veneer frame style, but as you’ll see, with quite different results.

The first is a Dutch Veneer with Burl panels and carved ripple ornamentation in ebony over red. The artwork is an oil on canvas by Atonie (Anton) Smeerdijk (1885 – 1965).

Carved ripples for framing has quite the background. Japanese tea in the 17th century was shipped in wooden boxes that they carved waves into since it was going over the water. The Dutch reused these boxes to make frames, and this carving motif caught on, and by the 18th century they had invented machines to replicate it. Our approach to it was through the more traditional, hands-on method.

The second is a Dutch High Front with honey-colored Veneer. The artwork is an oil on canvas by Willem Alexander Knip (1883 – 1967).

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