Tree at Water’s Edge

This painting suffered from several tears and flood damage that held left the paint film dry, brittle, and vulnerable to further damage. Dirt particulates had also spread across the surface. For the frame, the flood damage had detached some of the decorative ornamentation.

The tears were sutured from the reverse and then in-filled and in-painted on the front to conceal them. Also on the reverse, new conservation linen was adhered to increase the foundational strength. Hydration was spot-treated to return pliability and health to the paint film. Careful cleaning lifted the dirt particulates and had a pleasing affect on the color tones, and conversation varnish was used at the end.

For the frame, the loose ornamentation was reattached with a restorer’s adhesive, and careful cleaning removed the dirt particulates.

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    I’ve two pieces that need help
    1st is an oil painting 1800s
    2nd a water color 1800s
    I’m in michigan can you refer me to someone. Please
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