Taiwanese Eagle Sculpture

This eagle was carved from camphor wood, and it was made and purchased in Taiwan. We believe it to be from the 1950’s-1970’s. A previous restoration had reattached one of the wings, but this effort was starting to become loose.

Once the wing was detached, we removed the old glue and cleaned the area for our own repairs. Restorer’s adhesive rejoined the wing, and this was further strengthened with oak dowels and mahogany shins that were inserted and then carved to flush. The remaining gap in the attachment was filled with a restorer’s putty. Once it hardened we carved and sanded it down. Casein and acrylic paints were then used to match the finishing colors to the original, with shellac then used to seal the area.

We are going to be sad to see this sculpture head back home. It took every member of our team to accomplish this restoration, and we are quite happy with how it turned out.

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  1. The Eagle has been in my families possession since the early 1960’s. My father handled imports at that time in conjuction with the families travel agency, SeaLandAir Travel Inc. of Paw Paw. He somehow obtained the eagle and hung onto it and in the early 1980’s gave it to me. It got to the point where it needed professional cleaning and repair and was fortunate enough to find and engage Miller Fenwood who did a wonderful job. This is one of my proudest possessions with great memories and I thank Miller Fenwood for their excellent restoration work.

    • We loved working on this beautiful eagle for you. We use it on our Antique Roadshow Ad.

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