Three Muses

This a very large painting, 84 3/4″ x 72,” and there were approximately 28 areas where the paint film and gesso layer have cracked and fallen away. This was likely due to it being folded for storage. There are areas where the varnish dripped and they show as more of a golden color. And on the lower right quadrant there are some instances of bat guano.

The painting has been carefully cleaned, and the 28 areas have been repaired and finished with in-painting to conceal them. The drips of varnish were removed and a new conservation varnish was applied. This varnish also has the benefit of not changing color with age. A new stretcher bar was made.

A new frame will be made in the style of Pre-Raphealite, 5 1/4,” with regular gold. A mock-up of the frame was been included as the last picture.

The title, 3 Muses, is our own title as neither it nor the name of the artist is known. However, the work has strong ties with the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood. Their artistic aim was a striving for deep religious feeling and naive, unadorned directness of 15th-century Florentine and Sienese painting. They used sharp and brilliant lighting, a clear atmosphere, and a near-photographic reproduction of minute details. Private poetic symbolism, biblical subjects and medieval literary themes were frequently portrayed.

The Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood lasted short of five years, yet its influence on painting in Britain, and ultimately on the decorative arts and interior design, was very profound.

Upon completion a large moving truck will be rented and the artwork transported back to the client. If you have any information about the artist’s identity, we would love to hear from you. Stay tuned for more…

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