Hoerman Kalamazoo River Overlooking Ox Bow

In this painting, Carl Hoerman (1885 – 1955) captured a spot along the Kalamazoo River overlooking Ox Bo, which actually turned out to be the view from his studio. It is a large painting, 43″ x 50,” and unfortunately is incredibly threadbare. In addition there are two gashes in the top right corner, one of which is substantial. The decomposition of the linen was probably due to environmental factors, most likely exposure to prolonged heat. These factors compromised the already low thread count linen, which was further taxed by the large size of this artwork. In its present condition, the painting is very susceptible to further tearing.

Restoration will add a strong foundation to the linen reverse, and the tears will be sutured, enclosed, and in-painted where any loss occurred. The period frame, an excellent example of mid century American Impressionist style, will be refurbished to once again show off this fine painting to great advantage.

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