On-site treatment of mold

This wonderful and expressive work of art by Jean Luc Guin Amant (1951) required some prompt mold treatment, which we were happy to do on-site.

By applying two restorer’s solution we neutralized the mold, and then did spot-treatments with a scalpel to make sure it was gone. The blow driver allowed our chemistries to dry quicker than usual; and the vacuuming prepared the surface, removing the dust and active spores. Mold can be a nasty type of invasion, as what it’s feeding off of is the paint itself. Preventative measures are the best, but in the case of emergencies were are able to make house calls.

Jean Luc Guin Amant has shown heavily throughout Europe and the United States in both solo and group exhibits. Guin Amant began painting on parachutes but moved to more traditional materials such as canvas. He belongs to a younger generation of artist who experiment with video and images in today’s visual art world. Most recently he completed a limited edition book “L’Anemone et l’Ancoliee” with the poet Michel Mathieu. Currently, Guin Amant lives and works in Paris, France.

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