WWI Posters

A collection of American WWI posters came in with relatively good condition, considering the brief task they were meant for. The most important step will be to deacidify the works in order to neutralize the wood pulp, which is the cause for the existing stains. Separate treatments will then address these stains, and by matching similar types of paper, we’ll be able to repair the holes and tears. These posters owe the preservation of their rich colors in large part to the fact that they were stored away from sunlight. Restoration will maintain their original integrity while also allowing them to be shown. A key difference as these posters capture an important time in American history.

To help finance the war, the United States government issued bonds, also called Liberty Bonds, in 1917 and 1918, raising a total of $21.5 billion for the war effort. While banks and financial institutions bought many of the bonds, a massive public relations campaign was mounted to urge individuals to make purchases as well. The below posters were created by the artists: Edmund Ashe, John Sheridan, Albert Herter, Clarence Underwood, and Gil Spear.

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