Fiaschi Sculpture

Surface stains, paint splatters, and a few broken portions have taken some of the luster away from this Emilio P. Fiaschi (1858 – 1941) statue. Both feet were chipped; and her hand, previously restored, had broken again.

A hand armature remained from the previous restoration, that we’ll make us of, re-sculpting over it. Her feet will also be re-sculpt, and then the entire statue cleaned. Stay tuned for finished photographs.

Emilio P. Fiaschi (1858 – 1941) was an Italian sculptor and an attendant of the prestigious Accademia di Belle Arti in Florence. He worked with Carrara marble and was known for his ability depict a wide range of textures, despite the rigid quality of marble. He sculpted classic and genre scenes, as well as portraits of woman.



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