The water damage in the Losa had happened many years ago, at least ten years by our estimation. As a result the heavy contaminants were allowed to set, making them more challenging and more difficult to remove, which ultimately limited how far we were able to take the restoration. Close to 80% of the contaminants were removed, and the remaining 20% could not be removed without compromising the original material. Heavy metals, like the ones found in this print, are especially difficult to remove. Had the lithograph been brought in right away, a near perfect restoration would have been possible. This is an important lesson for anyone who has a damaged work that they care about: contact a restorer as quickly as possible.

Cubism in Mexico post-Picaso and Braque, was a pretty interesting motivator, which lead the Mexican artists to do some bold and interesting work. This Losa lithograph is a great example of it, and will be for years to come.


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