Alabaster Pierrot Statue Restored

This alabaster Pierrot statue was produced by Goldscheider, an influential ceramic manufactory in Vienna who are best known terracotta, faience, and bronze objects. It came to us in a chipped, then poorly reassembled condition, having also accrued a large amount of dirt.

After soaking and cleaning, we dissembled the broken pieces and re-glued them with new adhesive. At the base, Pierrot had several large areas of loss, which we were able to mend with a sculpture, in-fill material known as Milliput. To match the color, new repaired areas to alabaster, we used oil pigments layered with varnish.

Pierrot was a stock pantomime character who can be recognized by his signature loose blouse with large buttons and his wide white pantaloons. Like his clothing, his personality is loose and free-flowing. His tradition in theater can be claimed by many countries: Italy, France, Germany, England, Spain, among others; each has naturalized him to a degree.

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