Sea Glint by Charles Vickery

This painting by Charles Vickery (1913 – 1998) suffered from dirt particulates across the surface. It was de-fit and carefully cleaned on the front and reverse with conservation varnish to finish. A new custom and hand-carved frame was prepared in the American Modernist Sully style.




Charles Vickery, known for his ability to paint water, lived in the Midwest town of Western Springs, a town without water. Vickery was born in the Southwestern town of Hinsdale Illinois in 1913, and as a child, moved to White Bear Lake, Minnesota.  His skills and potential as an artist were noticed early on. Vickery continued to develop his young talent, at an early age. Vickery returned to the small southwestern town to attend high school.  A graduate from Lyons Township High school in LaGrange Illinois, many of his accomplished works now hang in their meeting rooms, considered too valuable to be on display to the general public. Vickery went on to study art at the Art Institute of Chicago, and the American Academy of Fine Art. He often said that his greatest instructor was Lake Michigan. Vickery sketched and painted at the Chicago lakefront, Indiana Dunes, Oak Brook, and along the Eastern seaboard among others. He opened his own studio at the age of 24 in West Springs, and he maintained membership with the Oil Painters of America and the American Society of Marine Artists. He died in 1998.

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