Salvatore Postiglione Portrait of a Girl

This portrait by Salvatore Postiglione (1861-1906) was brought in to the studio. It suffers from dry canvas, a couple areas of loss, and some smoke damage. The painting will be carefully cleaned and then adhered to new archival linen and in-painted where necessary with conservation varnish to finish. Stay tuned for more…

Salvatore Postiglione was from Naples, Italy and was the son of painter Luigi Postiglione and brother of the artist Luca Postiglione. His father provided the beginnings of his artistic eduction which was honed later at the Art Academy of Modena under Morelli.

In 1902 he became a professor of the Academy of Modena, and his paintings can be found nowadays in museums in Rome, Naples and Triest, and he frescoed the hall of the Palazzo della Borsa of Naples, and of Castello Miramare in Trieste.

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