Eagle Sculpture Circa 1914

This wonderful and ornate eagle sculpture came in with a history that it was believed to have been part of the HMHS Britannic, a sister ship of the Titanic. This ship was completed in 1915 and turned into a hospital ship in WWI and unfortunately sunk in the Mediterranean a year after it was built. From our research we haven’t found clearcut evidence to confirm this story, but we have a few leads we are trying to track down, the carvers who would have likely done this project.

In the meantime, this eagle is getting a much deserved cleaning which is causing the richness of the wood tones to pop and really enhance the delicate carving. Beginning stages of reattaching severed pieces has begun and we believe a mirror would have hung under the eagle’s talons. Plenty of work to do but steady as she goes. Stay tuned for more.

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