Self-portrait by Alfred Juergens

The self-portrait by Alfred Juergens (1866 – 1934) has deep and severe damage, and is extremely dirty. Due to its age and its extreme dry condition, extensive instances of cupping and craquelures have appeared.

We have removed the painting from its stretcher bar and vacuumed the reverse and removed the adhesive patches. Initial tests have been carried out on the front to determine how stubborn the old varnish is.

After careful cleaning, the painting will be re-lined to improve its foundation and allow us to consolidate the cupping and craquelures. Once it’s re-stretched we will in-paint where necessary. Stay tuned for more.

Alfred Juergens was born in Chicago on August 5th, 1866. Juergens studied at the Chicago Academy of Design, and also abroad at the Munich Royal Academy under Kochler, as and was also a pupil of Wilhelm von Diez. 

At this time, Juergens was focused on mural decorations, and he became a member of several noteworthy organizations: Munich Artists Association, Artists Association of Germany, and the International Society of Fine Arts. His works were awarded silver medals at Madrid and Munich, and a bronze at the Panama Pacific Exposition of 1915. 

Juergens transitioned subject matter from religious scenes to flowers and tranquil genre scenes. The Art Institute of Chicago and the National Academy of Design exhibited many of his works. 

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