Nautical Harbor Scene Finished

This painting suffered from a considerable amount of dirt particulates across the surface as well as a very thin and fragile canvas. Numerous holes had occurred along the edges, including one good-sized hole along the bottom middle, and canvas degradation had greatly compromised the edges of the canvas.

The painting was de-fit and carefully cleaned. We had hoped that cleaning would render the signature more legible, but this was not the case. New archival linen was adhered to the reverse to bolster the foundation. In-fill consolidated the holes along the perimeter and in-painting concealed these areas. It took three rounds of cleaning due to the extreme amount of particulates on the canvas, which also included fly specks that had to be meticulously and carefully treated by a scalpel. A new stretcher bar and new frame with sgraffito with an archival fit rounded out the restoration.

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  1. This looks great! Awesome job, guys.

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