Cora Bliss Taylor Floral Finished

Finishing touches to this Cora Bliss Taylor (1889-1986) painting included a re-line and infill with in-painting. The brushwork employed by the artist is on thicker side, which makes it more difficult to capture a clear shot for how the cleaning brought out fuller and richer color tones. A large amount of surface contaminates were removed, however, and this improved the clarity which is important for a delicate subject matter that also contains strong contrasts in color. Infilling provided the new surface to return lost areas with in-painting.

Cora Bliss Taylor was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, on April 14, 1889. Her father was a veteran of the Civil War and passed away when she was 1 years old. During her childhood, the family traveled around the United States, and France when she was 11 years old, which is where she received her first art lessons.

Cora visited Saugatuck, Michigan, which was to become her home, on her honeymoon in 1914, with her husband, James W. Taylor, a Chicago attorney. She studied painting at the Art Institute of Chicago with Leon Kroll and Leopold Seyffert; Charles W. Hawthorne, Provincetown, Massachusetts; Andre L. Hote in Paris; Morris Kantor, Art Students League, New York; and Vance Kirkland, Denver University. She was a contemporary of Georgia O’Keefe.

Her paintings are hanging at Hope College, Holland, Michigan; Saugatuck Masonic Lodge, Chicago Public Schools, a number of Women’s clubs, Emerson Unitarian Church, Houston, Texas; Sheridan Public Schools, Sheridan, Texas; and many private homes in Chicago, Western Michigan, and other areas of the country.

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