Dali Bas Relief

These bas reliefs by Salvador Dali (1904 Р1989) were procured from a gallery for a client, restored, and then placed in new frames. Don Quixote is represented in the first bas relief, a common topic for Spanish art and culture. The other is of Lincoln, and is based off a painting Dali had done earlier called Gala Contemplating the Mediterranean Sea Which at Twenty Meters Becomes the Portrait of Abraham Lincoln. A couple versions of this painting were executed, but its inspiration came from a Scientific American article Dali read about visual perception which investigated the minimum number of pixels needed to describe a unique human face. Dali was challenged by that question and set about making the portrait of Lincoln with 121 pixels. In his canvas he pushed this concept of perception and external sight.The double image painting also provided a meditation on the dual nature of things. A well-known lithograph was made, entitled Lincoln in Dalivision. It is one of the the most counterfeited Dali lithographs.

Restoration included cleaning and polishing. The boxes they came in were also conserved: a solution was used to treat a small amount of mold, and the insides were micro vacuumed, and some loose velvet was lain back down with adhesive.

New, custom frames were prepared with white gold on the top and silver on the side. Corners were given sgraffito and raised gesso and carved. The Lincoln frame was also given corner blocks. These frames are one-of-a-kind, much like the artist.

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