Alice L. Williams Watercolor Repairs

Once we carefully removed this Alice L. Williams (mid 20th century) watercolor from its mount we discovered a pair of significant tears. To the reverse we added new paper, of a similar composition, and then in-painted on the front. These tears had not been visible while the watercolor was on its mount, which offers some explanation as to why it was used. We’ve replaced it with a museum rag mount that will not introduce acid contamination like its predecessor. The watercolor also underwent chemistries baths, to remove acids and molds, and was then blotted dry. Special thanks to Sarah Harris of The Nines who will frame this work for the Ox-Bow Summer Benefit, that takes place on Saturday, July 7.

Alice L. Williams was a member of Ox-Bow, having followed her mother’s footsteps, Olive, who built the Mary K cottage at Ox-bow in the 1920s. The local legend is that this cottage has a reputation for ghosts, missing tools, moved equipment, and flickering lights.

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