Alice L. Williams Watercolor

This Alice L. Williams (mid 20th century) watercolor came to us in rather rough shape. Extensive foxing has degraded the paper enough to make holes. Also, major acid contamination occurred from the wood pulp board the watercolor was placed on.

Alice L. Williams was a member of Ox-Bow, following in her mother’s footsteps, Olive, who built the Mary K cottage at Ox-bow in the 1920s. The local legend is that this cottage has a bit of a reputation for ghosts, missing tools, moved equipment, and flickering lights.

Restoration began with the careful removal of the watercolor from its mount. Further stages to come will include de-acidification and the mending of the tears. This restoration is in preparation for the Ox-Bow Summer Benefit, that takes place on Saturday, July 7.  

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