Enamel on Glass 1866

This family heirloom is believed to have been made while the descendants were on the boat, immigrating to the United States. The exact year that is believed to have happened is 1866.

Unfortunately, a heavy amount of dust had gathered on the work. We believe the majority of this came from a wood or coal fire. Many, many cotton tips were used to carefully clean the front and reverse. The artist had used an enamel paint, which we stabilized to help its longevity, and its glossy finish, which is one of the strengths of enamel paints. Some areas had loss, and in those we were able to in-paint and match the colors to the original. The frame was in good shape, and we placed it in a Victorian shadow box frame, which we built, made in the same style with matching fillet and float.

Family objects are one of the things we enjoy working on the most, and love it when we can help restore the condition, and add new significance without detracting from the original aesthetics. This painting will be enjoyed for years to come.

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  1. Holy cow – that’s beautiful

    • We love it too John. Could not have imaged how beautiful it would look and what a difference to have cleaned the painting. Blessings

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