Tour Boat on the Seine by Tomlice

This wonderful painting by R. Tomlice from 1963 suffered from paint loss and a varnish that had streaked in areas which was the result of flood damage. Through restoration we carefully removed the varnish as well as deacidified it to mitigate a mold invasion. A custom Italian Florentine frame in gold was built and the artwork was then archivally placed inside it. We are very happy with the frame style and color, and how well it compliments the painting.

The Seine stretches 483 miles and connects the Paris basin to Le Havre, a major port in the Normandy region. “Seine” comes from Sequana, who was the Gallo-Roman goddess of the river. Due to the Seine’s central location within Paris, tour boats are able to pass along the Left Bank, Right Bank, Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame, Louvre Museum, Orsay Museum, and Les Invalides, the burial site for Napoleon, as well as other attractions.

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