Hoerman The American Progress Narrative Mural

Wonderful mural by Carl Hoerman (1885 – 1955), currently at old Paw Paw High School really captures the grand sweep of the new era in midwest America. Showing signs of its age and environment, the work is troubled with heavy dirt contamination. The mural is roughly 33 feet wide, and is 4.5 feet tall on the ends, and about 3 feet tall in the middle. Seen in person, the scale of the work is very powerful and transformational, sending the viewer back to an older time in America and highlighting the need for progress while still maintaining preservation. This creates a unique double narrative between the work and its condition.

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  1. Carl Hoermann has a distinctive style that is worthy of preservation especially on a grand scale, wjich this is just only one of its kind from his palette. Thank you for restoring it. Is it completely restored or still a work in progress? I have a painting that needs to be cleaned. Can I bring it to your office for an estimate? My phone is 269-857-1363.

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