The timely infill of this Mazzanovich (1871 – 1959) landscape came to an end. As you can see the craquelures had overtaken this painting. Restoration required a great deal of in-filling and in-painting; and due to the style of the artwork, the in-painting shared some characteristics of pointillism. From a distance the colors seem to blend into a muddled, cloudy-grey sort of color. But up close this “blending” becomes the work of antagonistic colors–those directly opposite on the color wheel–which excites the eye, and between the two colors, makes it jump back and forth. When working with antagonistic colors, for long stretches of time, your brain can play tricks on you, and the color you see can be skewed by this “blending” effect. Nothing to worry about, though, if you are aware of this phenomena. Patience seems to solve it.




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