Remington A Cheyenne Buck

Frederic Sackrider Remington’s (1861-1909) first show was a series of pastel portraits called “A Bunch of Buckskins.” The work included four cowboy images, and four Indian images. Stemming from their popularity, they were reproduced in 1901. It’s from this reproduction that “A Cheyenne Buck” came into the studio, showing signs of its age.

The reproduction used paper that contained wood-pulp, which has acids, and, over time, causes staining. More stains were also caused from water damage.

Remington is an iconic artist of the American West. Through his touch for realism, and dignity, regardless of subject matter, his work became important in a historical sense. His first break came when he was commissioned for eighty-three illustrations for a book written by a then unknown, Teddy Roosevelt. They would develop a lifelong friendship. Remington went on to paint over 3,000 works, and was also known for his sculpting, particularly, “The Bronco Buster.”

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