Ludwig L. Blake Michigan Landscape

Michigan landscape by Ludwig L. Blake (1870-1957) had a couple tears that were more of a challenge to repair due to the deteriorated canvas. The painting dates from 1948.

Blake is best known for his “Blake Gardens,” near Roseland, Indiana. The property was originally known as “The Pie House,” a favorite among Notre Dame students. After twenty years of landscaping—diverting one creek, constructing several bridges, benches, and railings, and planting 1,000 pine seedlings—the gardens became a popular spot for poetry readings, classical concerts and weddings; as well as an ideal subject for painting.


South Bend Tribune: Throwback Thursday: When people flocked to pastoral Blake Gardens near Roseland

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  1. Thank you for this insight into my great Uncle Lud’s artistic history. He was my dad’s mom’s brother. My grandmother, Elise Olsen, was also an artist. I have several of her original oils and water colors as well as Uncle Lud’s oils of his beautiful gardens in South Bebd, Indiana. I cherish them and will pass them on to my children.

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