Abstract Composition in Yellow and Red by Evie Hone

A dry foundational linen had caused cupping issues in the paint film of this abstract oil on canvas by Evie Hone (1894 – 1955). The old wax reline was removed, and the original linen was hydrated, to make it pliable and supple, and then doubled with a stronger linen using a restorer’s adhesive. This gave the painting a strong and resilient base that allowed us to then take care of the topical issues, namely the cupping, dirt contamination, and old in-painting.

With heat and pressure we were able to consolidate the cupping, laying it flat with the surface, and after several cotton tips we were able to clean the surface contaminants and help bring out the original color, an important characteristic for an abstract painting such as this one. In the few areas where cupping resulted in paint loss we applied new pigments, matching to the original. At this time we also corrected some old in-painting by removing it and then using proper technique to redo it. The original varnish was old and had yellowed. It was removed and then the painting was given a final coat of new conservation varnish.

Stay tuned for the fitting in its new handmade Modernist frame with Cubist elements in beech wood, painted to match the original . . .

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